Sunday, January 08, 2006

Yes Nurse! No Nurse!

My favorite genre brought back to life again...

Yes Nurse! No Nurse!

"Move over Fred and Ginger, there's a new game in town. 'Yes Nurse! No Nurse!', the new film by Dutch director Pieter Kramer, is a glorious, imaginative homage to the golden era of the late, great Hollywood studio musical -- and a celebration of all its camped up, Technicolor glory.

Saturated with eye-popping candy-coated colors, 'Yes Nurse', paints an on-screen 1960s world where the streets are filled with singing and dancing, carnivals always come to town and the biggest problem in everyone's' lives is that mean, old, nasty neighbor."

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melomane said...

Absolutely charming film!!

A must see for anyone who likes musicals, Indian film (YES - they spontaneously break into song numerous times - AND lots of people dance - Not quite hundreds of people, but still lots), bright colors, the Sixties, or the movie _Singing in the Rain_.

*** S M A S H I N G ***

imho... melomane