Tuesday, January 31, 2006


JOSS WHEDON—the Oscar®- and Emmy-nominated writer/director behind the global phenomena of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel—makes his feature film directorial debut with the science-fiction western adventure Serenity.

The film is based on Whedon’s critically acclaimed, short-lived television series Firefly, which aired on the FOX TV Network during the fall of 2002. Set in a futuristic, post-Earth universe dominated by a planetary Alliance, the series chronicled the adventures of the ragtag spaceship Serenity and her eclectic crew of outcasts, led by Captain Malcolm “Mal” Reynolds, played by NATHAN FILLION. Although FOX TV cancelled the show after only 11 of the 14 produced episodes had aired, Firefly’s quirky mix of humor, complex characters and sci-fi had attracted a loyal and passionate following.

The heartbroken fans, the cast and Whedon wouldn’t allow the cancellation of the series to equal the end of this universe. For Whedon, “this story was not done being told. It wasn’t out of me yet…and it wasn’t out of these actors.” While efforts to find a new home for the series on another network or cable channel proved fruitless, all parties were nonetheless determined to keep the campaign alive. Lobbying for the release of the series on DVD, they saw the Firefly fan base multiply dramatically after the episodes went on sale—almost exactly one year after the last airing on FOX. Once on shelves, the sales of Firefly resoundingly expressed both the loyalty of the fans and the potential for creating new ones.


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