Friday, January 06, 2006


The Sunday Mail QLD: Sydney-to-Hobart sailors speak of ordeal
FIVE sailors survived 13 hours clinging to the wreckage of their yacht as sharks circled, only to collapse from seasickness aboard a rescue launch yesterday.

Three of the crew - which comprised four Swedes and a Finn - were returning from competing in the Sydney-to-Hobart race when they hit treacherous seas near Eden on the NSW-Victoria border.

They were encircled by sharks and had to endure 6m seas and 80-knot wind before being rescued.

Bulk cement freighter Goliath had been shielding the yacht from waves and wind after responding to the crew's SOS call, sent after the vessel flipped 360 degrees.

The carrier remained for almost 12 hours until rescuers arrived.

"It's very, very good to be here. (I was) not scared a bit, I hadn't time to be scared. I'm never coming sailing in Australia again."

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