Thursday, January 26, 2006

GIANT SQUID WATCH: The Calamari Wrestler

DVD Times - The Calamari Wrestler The film opens on a wrestling bout between Koji Taguchi (Osamu Nishimura) and “Crush Volcano”. When Taguchi defeats his opponent with his special move (the “Torture Ring Strangler”) he becomes the new champion. Just as he raises the belt in the air to celebrate an unknown wrestler leaps into the ring and snatches it away from him. The crowd goes wild at the sight of none other than a giant squid who proceeds to grapple a tired Taguchi. By using the “Northern Light Suplex” the squid defeats Taguchi and becomes the talk of the town. [snip] What is there really to say about The Calamari Wrestler? It’s mad, that’s for sure. It’s cheap, tacky, melodramatic, clichéd; in fact it throws in just about every cliché in the book, replete with shock family twists and bizarre love triangles which are all played out so deadly serious. The only reason it escapes with some credibility is because at its heart is a bleedin’ huge squid who wishes to dominate the wrestling world. Add to that a giant octopus and a boxing shrimp (Squilla) and you have something that’s quite difficult to fathom in an ordinary world.

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