Monday, January 16, 2006

STREAKER WATCH: televised dart tournament = what the hell are you thinking?

[this just takes guts on soooo many levels] - Sport - CUPID'S ARROW
Klaasen's opponent Greatbatch has been involved in two of the most memorable moments in televised darts history.

In 2002, he became the first man to hit a nine-dart finish live on TV, in the final of the Dutch Open.

A year earlier, his match at the BDO world championships against Ted Hankey was interrupted when a streaker sprinted on to the oche.

Weird Words: Oche
"The line behind which darts players stand when throwing.

The classic pub game, darts is the ultimate non-sportsman’s sport—you don’t need any special clothing and little equipment (a set of darts is a good idea, but pubs lend those out), and you don’t need to be fit (the aptitude of players often appears to be in direct proportion to the size of their beer guts). All you have to remember is to count back from 501, end on a double, and avoid putting your toes over the oche.

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