Friday, December 30, 2005

KILT WATCH: Jules Winnfield

The Daily Record - NEWS - OFF THE RECORD
By Ian Dow

READY for Hogmanay? Got your kilt sorted out? If not, you may have difficulty hiring one because so many are going south to be hired by so-called Scots - great-granny used to buy oatcakes doesn't qualify as Scottish heritage. Apparently non-Scots such as Robbie Williams and Vin Diesel have boosted the popularity of our national dress. But respect goes to Samuel L. Jackson acknowledged as the coolest man on earth who wore the plaid in the movie The 51st State.

He said: 'When I got the kilt and stood in front of the mirror, it looked very cool. All of a sudden I had this whole sort of gladiator thing going on.'

That is opposed to midnight tonight when many will have this 'whole sort of bladdered, tubby Jock in kilt and beer-stained Scotland top thing going on.'

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