Thursday, December 15, 2005


The Advertiser: More sharks patrol Adelaide beaches [16dec05]:
Snapper fisherman Andrew, 34, of Dernancourt, had photographed a 5.5m shark as it attacked his aluminium vessel of the same length off North Haven last weekend.

The Globe and Mail: Cage diving sparks shark fears:
Gansbaai, South Africa — The cage is lowered half into the blue-green swell of the southern Atlantic. At the skipper's command we don wet suits and masks and clamber in, four of us. A crew member throws a foul-smelling mix of shark liver and tuna (chum) into the water, spawning an “odour corridor” discernible over a kilometre away. Lunch is served.

Minutes later, a dark shape is spotted about 200 metres away. Then 100 metres. “Dive, dive!” A deep breath and we sink to the bottom of the cage. The world has turned grey and silent. We stare into the murk. Nothing. We stare, eyes wide and unblinking. Then it comes. A shadow looming huge and fast. It rolls and a white belly appears. It turns and makes another pass, jaws slightly open. Reach out and you could slip your hand in. We have just met Carcharodon carcharias, a great white shark.

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