Thursday, December 15, 2005

GIANT SQUID WATCH: The Science of Sea Monsters

"Sea monsters are in the news and on television like never before. NBC has a hit show on Monday nights with 'Surface,' about a huge, terrifying aquatic creature, and sea monsters grace the cover of the December 2005 issue of National Geographic.

Scientists working in Patagonia, South America, recently found remains of a 13-foot beast with four-inch teeth. The creature, dubbed 'Godzilla' by its discoverers, is a distant relative of today's crocodiles and lived about 135 million years ago.

Giant squid

Since men took to sea, stories of fearsome leviathans have haunted those brave enough to venture beyond dry land. The Kraken, a huge many-tentacled beast, was said to attack sailors on the open ocean and drag them to their watery deaths.

As fantastic as these monsters are, science has discovered a biological basis for some of these myths."

The Science of Sea Monsters:

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