Monday, February 06, 2006

Super Bowl Special - The best and worst ads this year. By Seth Stevenson

The Budweiser Clydesdales are poised to begin their annual football game when they are rudely interrupted by a streaker: a shorn sheep. He waggles his naked sheep butt, gyrating for the crowd. "Didn't need to see that," says a spectator cowboy. This is a warmhearted, adorable spot, which will no doubt appeal most of all to … small children. Isn't there some sort of law against alcohol brands marketing to kids? Didn't Bud already catch some flak for its kid-friendly lizard characters?


Gillette introduces its new Fusion razor, with five blades on the front of the cartridge and a sixth, edge-trimming blade on the back. The ad itself is a pretentious mess (helicopters, scientists, tubes of bubbling chemicals). And I'm terrified to find out what the razors cost. No doubt we're approaching $15 a cartridge at this point. Clean-shavenness will soon be an indicator of extreme wealth. What's great, though, is that this ridiculous, two year-old Onion story—"F*ck Everything, We're Doing Five Blades"—has actually come to life.


A Budweiser ad shows a little Clydesdale foal, who tries to haul the beer wagon by himself.* The cart is too big for him, until he gets a helping hand from his horse-mom and horse-dad. This was by far the most family-friendly spot of the evening, and it was for beer! Seriously, this is absurd: An underaged being (granted, a horse) wants to be part of the Budweiser world—even though he's way too young. His parents lovingly aid him in realizing that dream. My interpretation: "Parents, go ahead and buy your kids some beer." Maybe I'm too imaginative. (By the way, I notice that Bud didn't air any "Support Our Troops" ads this year, whereas last year this was the theme of Bud's centerpiece spot. What changed? Does Bud not support our troops anymore? Or is troop support less marketable these days?)


Anonymous said...

You thinkk 5 blades is sick. Wait till you see the Quintippio with 15 extra large blades...

Jack Lord said...

very funny - even if the site itself is a viral for Norelco's new electric shaver - the man's expression upon seeing the monstrosity is priceless