Saturday, November 19, 2005


Solicitors & Advocates
(Notary Public)
Of The Supreme Court of Nigeria
Our Ref: TOB/AT LAW/1717/2005
ADDRESS: N0 35 Saint Street Aguda Lagos Nigeria


RE: Notification of Bequest
With gratitude to God to a life well spent and on behalf of my late client Rev. Dr. JOHN OKONKWO, I write to notify you that my late client made you a beneficiary to the bequest sum of SEVEN Hundred Thousand United States Dollars (USD 700,000.00) in the last codicil to his last WILL and testament of the year 2003.

Late Rev. Dr. JOHN OKONKWO died of high blood pressure on the 2nd February 2004. Until his death, late Rev. Dr. JOHN OKONKWO was a regional director in Nigeria with United Nations Refugees and humanitarian commission.

A renowned PHILANTHROPIST, who has widely travelled and very good Christian of the Christian fellowship of Nigeria. A non denominational society.

According to him he is giving you this amount because of your active involvement in the upliftment of Christian activities with its ministries and making better the world’s situation for the acceptance of Christian religion in Christ Jesus as the son of God.

We the executors and trustees of this WILL wish to inform you that the WILL was read at the High Court probate Division on the 5th June 2004 as the law provides in section (52) sub-section 3&4 of the Nigeria constitution and is ready for execution.You are therefore required by this notification to confirm your ownership to this legacy by forwarding to us immediately via e-mail, your current telephone, e-mail and fax number (private) for easy communication and prompt payment without delay. Your contact address (private) is also required for verification and authentication of the WILL as the law stipulated. A photocopy of your international passport number or drivers licence if available shall be required from you on the day of your payment. This is to avoid paying to a wrong beneficiary. We shall detail you on the procedure involved in executing this will upon the receipt of your prompt e-mail response.

We are sorry for not notifying you by posted mail due to the urgency required in this matter and also your e-mail contact was given to us by the wife of my late client.

Thanks and God bless.
Head of Chamber.

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