Monday, November 14, 2005



Florida Boater Is Rescued in Atlantic

ANAPOLIS -- Two Maryland boaters rescued a 49-year-old Florida man whose boat capsized in rough seas about eight miles off Boca Raton.

Rogers Washington said he had been treading water for six hours Tuesday. During that time, he watched his friend succumb to an apparent heart attack, he was approached by a shark, and two other boaters waved at him but refused to pick him up,
apparently thinking he was an illegal immigrant.


When David Pensky of Annapolis approached Washington after spotting him frantically waving his arms in 7-foot seas, Washington shouted: "I'm an American! I'm an American!" Moments later, Pensky and Richard Holden, 63, of St. Mary's County, noticed the waterlogged fisherman, orange whistle to his lips, floating with the aid of a cooler lid and a small life vest shoved under his arm.

Florida Boater Is Rescued in Atlantic

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