Saturday, October 29, 2005


New teaser poster for KING KONG. Along with assorted (sometimes hilarious) commentary in the talkback forum. Ah.. the INTERNET! I'll never be able to fully explain to my kids what life was like before it. They just won't understand how we ever got by without cyberspace. What the hell did we do with our free time?

Ain't It Cool News: AICN EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE! The Official KING KONG Teaser Poster In The United States... For Real!

A footprint or a house-sized turd would have been more of a tease.
by Some Dude October 28th, 2005
05:02:49 PM CST
Still, it's neat to see a giant monster.

What the Hell?
by monorail77 October 28th, 2005
05:21:58 PM CST
That stupid poster doesn't even say the name of the movie!! How the hell am I supposed to know exactly what will happen on December 14? Will I get eaten by a big fake looking monkey? Will I eat him? Who authorized this shite?

by Lazarus Long October 28th, 2005
05:26:01 PM CST
...a lot of people might think this is an ad for a Collector's Edition DVD of Mighty Joe Young. Maybe.

Look at that little monkey go!
by I Hate Movies October 28th, 2005
05:40:30 PM CST
But why is he "king?" What is this primate aristocracy you speak of?

you things
by johnnycosmic October 28th, 2005
06:35:35 PM CST
I had to register and post, so that I could tell you all, that you are jaded, wonderless, pathetic hobgoblins. Nothing excites you but the prospect of knocking down the achievements of others and making yourselves feel smarter because your perceived intellectual advantages make you feel like the cosmos didn't cheat you out of anything resembling a true existence. And yet you come to talk movies on the website of a man who has nothing but passion for film. I want you all to die.

by jig98 October 28th, 2005
06:38:23 PM CST
i found the roll of skittles in his fur.

He looks pissed
by TheJigga October 28th, 2005
06:46:39 PM CST
Probably ate the photographer immediately after the shot.

mighty joe young
by gredenko October 28th, 2005
06:57:37 PM CST
you know kong loves you because his nose makes a heart.

I hate every ape I seeeee...
by Rindain October 28th, 2005
07:15:23 PM CST
...from chimpan-A to chimpan-Zeeee. No,you'll never make a monkey out of meeeee......

Too bad this film has turned into such a disappointment...
by anchorite October 28th, 2005
07:33:42 PM CST
With each new image I fall deeper into despair. Who is gonna give a rat's ass when this big ugly ape falls off the skyscraper? Not me.

Kinda looks like a hairy Dick Cheney...
by BurnHollywood October 28th, 2005
08:03:16 PM CST
Kong's had a rough morning, fer sure.

I liked that one snaggly tooth in the earlier version.
by Stan the Bat October 28th, 2005
08:06:24 PM CST
Without it, this film will fail. Mark my words. They might as well have a fifty-foot tall Jar Jar Binks climbing the Empire State Building- it will all be for nothing. I have spoken.

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