Saturday, August 02, 2008

all hail Stereogum (sod off)

NME's 25 Bands Making America Cool Again - Stereogum



from number 12 down it's a great list of bands. but last time i checked England wasn't really the pinnacle of cool. north american bands own english bands.

Posted by: victor profile link at 08/01/08 4:22 PM | Reply
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Fuck Up American

Posted by: iHateU in reply to victor's comment at 08/01/08 6:55 PM | Reply
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actually i'm canadian, buddy.

Posted by: victor profile link in reply to iHateU's comment at 08/01/08 9:21 PM | Reply
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fuck the lot of you - the nme is a bible and rocks in comparison to pitchfork a.k.a Black kids killers- as an English person living in America - you should be happy someone is giving your country a compliment.... oh and in the light of the recent economic nightmare that the usa are having right yanks probably could not even afford to buy the sod off.

Posted by: hugh grant at 08/01/08 4:58 PM | Reply
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left out brand new and thrice, 2 best bands in america by far. oh but i guess theyr'e not "indie" enough for the NME.

Posted by: spencer at 08/01/08 6:45 PM | Reply
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actually it's because they suck

Posted by: eric in reply to spencer's comment at 08/01/08 10:02 PM | Reply
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Hey guys, I know you're having fun arguing and all that, but I just wanted to remind you:

Generalizations are fucking stupid.

Posted by: EmanuelV at 08/01/08 8:58 PM | Reply
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Posted by: the truth at 08/01/08 9:02 PM | Reply
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Thanks, UK. I feel better.

Posted by: Ruth at 08/01/08 9:19 PM | Reply
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