Sunday, February 24, 2008

RIP MIX BURN: El Guincho

El Guincho - Band To Watch - Stereogum:
"This past week we found ourself unable to stop listening to 'Antillas,' a five-minute bundle of clattering loops and sunny harmonies, from Barcelona-via-Canary Islands one-man band El Guincho, aka Pablo Díaz-Reixa, and his entirely addictive self-released Alegranza..." - el Guincho - Barcelona, UM - Pop / Tropical / Club -

Pitchfork Forkcast: On Repeat: El Guincho: "Fata Morgana" [MP3/Stream]:
"He lives in a country on the peninsula that lies south of the Pyrenees. He makes music by taking small bits of sound and spinning the fragments around and around, expanding and contracting and changing them bit by bit but also hinting that they could go for quite a while if the conditions were right. Over these loops he sings, sometimes in simple, sing-songy ways, other times harmonizing with himself in a sun-speckled tone just right to soundtrack dreaming. Are we talking about the dude who sang our third favorite song of 2007? No, it's Pablo Díaz-Reixa, currently based in Barcelona, who makes music as El Guincho. And, to be fair, geography and some shared structural interests aside, the shorthand comparison with Panda Bear only goes so far. Díaz-Reixa brings several elements to the table on 'Fata Morgana'-- one of the highlights of his self-released 2007 album Alegranza, which is damn solid all the way through-- and combines them in a fresh way: a bright tropical glow to the production; the buoyant percussion and chanted vocals of Os Mutantes; a fondness for oddball samples that give the endlessly churning sound a little extra flavor. It's just over three minutes long and you wish like hell it was six..."

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