Friday, September 28, 2007

Arcade Fire September 24th Seattle "This band might change your life"

My camera phone photos from possibly the greatest live show I've ever seen.
The energy still infuses me to this day.

Other's photos from the same show:

I'm somewhere around that circle... 2000 others on the floor around me.

Still more:
arcade fire - a photoset on Flickr


Random newspaper quotes:
"So original, so weird and so grand!"

"a haunting but addictive combination of orchestral pieces, harps and pipe organs with more traditional rock instruments, making them nearly impossible to classify"

"Forget wind turbines on the Palouse—someone should outfit these Canadians with some kind of energy-harnessing contraption. One live, helmet-pounding, sweat-soaked show alone could garner enough to stave off a rolling blackout."

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