Tuesday, September 19, 2006

RIP MIX BURN: "a hundred of the best riffs you've ever heard"

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"It means something when a rock and roll band is described with such passionately divisive rhetoric as Led Zeppelin. The band was a big, dumb example of every opulent shark-story rock clich� of the 1970s: They were heavy-handed, irresponsible purveyors of the "blues"; they were fake hippies and fake mystics who managed to strip even the grandest statements in rock of their power via mind-numbing drum solos and bowed-guitar expositions; they were the original Spinal Tap, replete with whole songs about Greek myths, ancient Celtic rituals, completely inappropriate bits of Bach spliced into Page's "Heartbreaker" solo, and a manager who was at once imposing, apologetic and the butt of Bob Dylan's jokes. One more thing: They were the greatest rock band to ever set foot on a stage, so what they fuck are you talking about?"
Led Zeppelin: How the West Was Won: Pitchfork Record Review

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