Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Sport: Tennis: Cartwheeling Streaker Interrupts Wimbledon
Maria Sharapova kept her eye fixed firmly on the ball when she reached the Wimbledon semi-finals on Wednesday morning (NZ time).

The glamorous Russian's 6-1 6-4 victory over compatriot Elena Dementieva was interrupted in the second set when a naked man streaked on to Centre Court and performed a cartwheel before being bundled away by security.

Sharapova politely averted her gaze and said it was the strangest thing that had happened to her on a tennis court.

"It was real bizarre. Even more bizarre that it took 10 seconds for security to come," she told her post-match news conference.

"I didn't really look at the guy, thank God. I didn't want to look at all the details."

However, when told that some of the female spectators had been impressed by the streaker's physique, Sharapova added: "He was? Maybe next time I'll take a look."

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