Thursday, May 25, 2006

Snakes on a Plane @%$&*!! - Movies - Snakes on a Plane: 'Everyone I mention it to loves the title,' the film's Rachel Blanchard ('Without a Paddle') grins while discussing the most memorable film moniker since 'Electric Boogaloo.' The film has generated some of the biggest Internet-bred movie speculation since 'The Blair Witch Project,' and even mainstream audiences seem obsessed with the question of how many times Samuel L. Jackson will label his co-stars, the snakes and the plane itself as entities that would have sex with their own mothers. To even describe the plot seems nonsensical, so we'll let Blanchard deliver the good news: 'It's got these enormous, 17-foot pythons and black mambas. It's got a lot of humor, and it doesn't take itself seriously,' she laughs. We're in.


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