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The Warriors (1979)

The FADER Magazine - New York Mythology
To coincide with today's release of the "Ultimate Director's Cut" of The Warriors on DVD, we're giving you a director's cut, web-exclusive version of the "Oral History Of The Warriors" piece by editor Eric Ducker, which originally ran last year in F26. Can you dig it? Can you diiiiig iiiiit?!

On Friday February 9, 1979 the front page of the New York Times Weekend section ran the headline “Six Films Open With A Galaxy Of Stars.” The movies highlighted were Murder By Decree, Hardcore, In Praise Of Older Women, Agatha, Quintet and When You Comin’ Back, Red Ryder? There was also a seventh, unmentioned film that opened: The Warriors. It not only became the surprise box office winner of the weekend, but the film that went on to find the greatest cultural impact. 25 years later its surreal vision of New York has had an influence not only in film, but also in realms including music, fashion and art. Through constant showings on basic cable, midnight movie screenings and word-of-mouth rentals its audience has transcended generations. It’s a thrilling, brutal, vibrant and sometimes hilarious movie. It’s also weird as shit. Still, The Warriors is one of the few cult classics whose quality actually surpasses its kitsch appeal.

The movie tells the story of nine Coney Island gang members, and the girl they pick up along the way, who must bop their way back to their home turf after they are falsely accused of killing a powerful leader named Cyrus at a city wide meeting of the gangs in the Bronx. The film is loosely based on the novel by Sol Yurick that takes its inspiration from the Greek tale of Anabasis by Xenephon.

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