Friday, March 17, 2006


Ananova - Kilt-lifting Scotsman kicked off train: "Kilt-lifting Scotsman kicked off train

A drunk Scotsman was kicked off a train in Germany after lifting his kilt and flashing passengers in a packed dining car.

The unnamed 46-year-old, from Edinburgh, was on a train from Basel in Switzerland to Dusseldorf in Germany.

He had several drinks in the dining car but allegedly refused to pay and started arguing with the waiters.

He then reportedly lifted his kilt on both sides and clearly demonstrated to all present passengers, who included women and children, that he was not wearing any underwear.

Restaurant personnel then called the railway police and the Scotsman was forcibly removed from the train at Dusseldorf central station, where he promptly passed out.

Police took him to the nearest hospital where he spent the night sobering up.

Dusseldorf railway police spokesman Norbert Junge said: 'This is definitely not the usual sort of call we get about troublemakers on trains.

'I have to say we were all a bit amused by it. The man did not assault or grossly offend anyone, apart from showing everyone what Scotsmen wear under their kilts - namely nothing at all.

'There will be no charges against him, unless the train company decides to take legal action for his unpaid drinks.'"

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